East Meets West

East, meet West

At Timeline, we are a full service Digital Success Agency. We specialize in helping Eastern Companies accelerate their growth in English Language Nations using Social Media & our Digital Marketing Tools

Western Design & Social Media

We help brands update & maintain their Website and Social Media, allowing you to target western audiences in the United States, Europe and around the world. We help modernize your brand for an english language audience so you can achieve international growth. Samsung was a pioneer in this space and companies like DJI, Anker, OnePlus and more are taking strategies we offer and seeing success.

Use Timeline—upgrade your presence like these brands did:


Customer Language & Translation

We have the best translators & (english) plain language exporters join forces to market your product, service or business to the western market. We take into account local customs, slangs, and sayings so that your brand stands out. Our inhouse wordsmith will craft everything from your website, social media post, manuals, product names and more! 

Marketing Automation

Automate the life cycle

We adjust contact data, move contacts, send specific follow up campaigns. Trigger actions via site visits, emails (sent or received), SMS interactions, and more.

Campaigns on Timline

Have campaigns initiate with dynamic content whenever you update your website or post new content. Perfect for blog updates, product announcements, and ecommerce.

Auto import contacts

We can automatically fetch and add new contacts from your favorite CRMs, eCommerce platforms, customer service solutions, and more.

Smart email content

We dynamically show different content in your messages depending on your contact’s data, interactions, social data, and interests.

Social analysis

We keep track of all social reactions to your campaigns. Then we set up actions to take place when a contact shares your campaign.

Up-to-date notifications

As contacts move through work flows and perform actions you can notify specific people so they can follow up or take action, with our in house CRM solution.

Social Media Management

Timeline will build up your social media following with our proprietary tools & proven promotional devices. We will actively manage your English Language Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more! We use Viral Marketing, Social Media & Youtube Influencers and Referral Marketing to make your brand stand out.